Special Birthday Cake for IT Geeks from PokharaCakes.com

Why Pokhara Cakes for your NEXT cake!

PokharaCakes.com has been delivering happy cakes for all of your occasions since 2017. Here are special bullet points on why Pokhara Cakes is best suited for your NEXT cake order and delivery.

  • We can design cakes in special shape and size including photo prints. Kindly consult us during your order placement or check our existing section of Special Cakes in PokharaCakes.com here.
  • Free home delivery on purchase of minimum NPR 2000 or USD 20 within PokharaCakes.com delivery zone as mentioned in the Google Maps area here.
  • Delivery at your defined time – let us know at what time to delivery the cake for your loved ones (delivery time 6 am to mid-night.)
  • Orders received from more than 79 countries in the post year alone – Nepal included and during such a pandemic, of course!